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Ulbrich Products Pty Ltd provides a variety of products to suit the needs of different industries. These include filtration equipment, water filtration products, clamps, tank fitting, pumps, mixers, agitators etc.


Veelok Clamps

Single Bolt, Quick Action Pipe Couplings and Covers manufactured in Australia with the following distinct advantages 

            • Operated by Plant Process Staff.
            • Single Bolt for Quick Operation. 
            • Clamps fully encompass the Flanges for safety and strength. 
            • Clamps connected with a Pivot Pin for ease of operation. 
            • Gaskets retained in a groove for protection and security
            • Clamps and Cover secured with Hinges for ease of opening.
            • Wide variety of Models and Arrangements for all applications.

Ulbrec Tank fittings  

            • Cast or fabricated Swivel joints,
            • Flash/flame arrestors,
            • Pressure relief vents,
            • Gas tight non spark hatches,
            • Pressure relief gauge hatches,
            • Free vents,
            • Dip hatches
            • Floating suction, Skimmers & pipes are some of the products available.

Grundfos Pumps

Ulbrich products carries an extensive range  of GRUNDFOS pumps. And has been doingsince being appointed a distributor ship in the 1980’s, some of the pumps we sell are 

            • Single or Multistage Centrifugals
            • Circulators
            • Liquid Transfer Pump
            • Bore Hole Submersibles
            • Sump Pumps
            • Water Pressure Systems servicing industry and residential

Ulbrec Filters

Our proven expertise in the design and manufacture of sand and mixed media backwash filters in automatic or manual form, and disposable media types, provide a selection of filters to suit most applications including effluent and water treatment.

            • Sand Bed,
            • Carbon Column,
            • Disposable Cartridge
            • Bag Types.

Jensen Mixers

The extensive range of Jensen Mixers are available for all liquid/liquid and liquid/solids applications. Models available include side and top entry mixers, lease tank mixers, and mud agitators. Features of Jensen Mixers include gear drive and the exclusive automatic mechanical actuator as fitted to the Vari-Angle model.

Ulbrec Agitators/Mixers

A range of models are available to suit most applications,


            • fitted with T.E.F.C.flameproof
            • geared, or variable speed motors.
            • Fixed mounts or vari-angle heads are standard.





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