Ulbrich Products ~ Business Profile

Business Overview

Ulbrich Products Pty Ltd was originally incorporated as R.W. Ulbrich Pty Ltd in the early 1950's.

R. W. Ulbrich Pty Ltd worked very closely with the Shell Company of Australia from the 1950's to the 1970's developing a broad range of products for the petroleum industry.

The company's trade name - ULBREC - became the standard for petroleum, petrochemical and chemical companies throughout Australia and the South Pacific region.  This gave the company a very solid base from which to grow.

Ulbrich developed the reputation of providing "what the customer wants" with flexibility of design and manufacture that enabled customers to obtain a 'modified standard product' tailored to suit their specific needs.  This facility is paramount today and is seen as a core component to Ulbrich's customer service policy.

As the company continued to mature, filtration became the focus.  In particular, strainers became the core product supplemented by the Ulbrec Sand Filters the Ulbrec Carbon Columns. Today, Ulbrich provides filtration products, filtration equipment, water filtration equipment, strainers to a wide range of industries from chemical and food processing to mining.

The company has diversified into side-entry and top-entry mixers and agitators, together with a range of tank fittings and flame arresters.
Today, Ulbrich Products Pty Ltd are recognized Australia wide as being the designers and manufacturers of pipeline related equipment suited to the chemical, food, beverage, petrochemical, process and mining industries.


As an Australian owned company, our aim is to provide a team environment which through employee enthusiasm, dedication and satisfaction, create a professional customer focus.

To be the market leader with our core products and manufacturing quality, innovating products to our customers' satisfaction that are technically the best, globally competitive and profitable for our company, customers and staff.

Ulbrich Products continues today with a product range, refined over 60 years to make use of today's manufacturing processes and provide customers with quality equipment in the most economical form. New products, both manufactured and "brought in" are continually being added to the range to provide our customers with a selection of process equipment complementary to a wider scope of their need