Filtration Equipment :: Water Filtration Products

ULBREC Products are designed and manufactured in Australia to suit the needs of the Chemical, Food and Beverage, Water and Waste water, Petrochemical, LNG, Process and Mining Industries.

ULBRICH has an extensive range of products which cater to the needs of various industries

With Over 50 years experience in designing, engineering and selling fluid handling, fluid transfer and filtration equipment & products, ULBREC or ULBRICH PRODUCTS PTY LTD (trademark “Ulbrec”)  today offers  a diverse, competitive, complete and lasting solution to the fluid handling requirements of small to multinational businesses.

ULBRICH coupled with the afore mentioned experience is able to offer compliance, design, documentation and manufacture to both Australian and International standards governing pressure vessel design and or piping design  for offshore platforms, heavy industry, mining sector refinery’s and many more. Our filtration equipment and water filtration products find applications in a diverse range of industries.

Initially ULBREC Equipment was designed and manufactured to supply the petroleum and petrochemical industries playing a major role in helping establish Australia’s refineries. Over time and experience the range has been expanded and refined to suit most process industries. A wide range of industries today rely on ULBRICH for filtration equipment and water filtration products.

• Simplex Basket Strainers
• Duplex Basket Strainers
• Automatic Basket Strainer
• Bucket Strainers
• T-Type Strainer
• Y-Type Strainer
• Temporary Strainers
• Witches / Pilgrams Hat Strainers
• Cartridge Filters
• Bag housings
• Replacement Bags 
• Sand / Carbon filters
• Media Filters
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